Tools and technologies for
decision-making in the real world.

Rostering and Timetabling Optimisation

Rostering and Timetabling Optimisation

Maximize employee productivity and satisfaction by catering for staff preferences around shifts and lunch breaks. Create error-free schedules in minutes adhering to 100% of your unique rules and constraints.


Demand Forecasting

Quickly and cheaply start utilising best-in-class algorithmic
approaches for your supply chain forecasting. Predict future supply and demand using the smartest algorithms.


Mobility Optimisation

Meet high levels of customer service at maximum efficiency by making the best decisions for your fleet. Access ready-to-use AI, pre-built with the right context and user-friendly, intuitive interfaces.

AI Strategy Consulting

AI Strategy Consulting

Dimension14 provides detailed guidance and advice with regards to the conceptualisation, development and realization of a decision-AI centred strategy.